Aerospace Military


Designed and built as a collaborative project in the UK, Germany and Italy, the Tornado is in service with all three air forces and the German Navy.

Tornado is also in service in Saudi Arabia and Oman. It is a twin-seat, twin-engined, variable geometry aircraft and is supersonic at all altitudes.

The design authority for the Tornado is Panavia, the tri-national consortium which comprises British Aerospace, DASA of Germany and the Italian firm Alenia.

Maypole have produced Tornado parts for over 9 years. Parts are CNC turned, CNC milled, turned, milled and assembled, and include all treatments, as per the customer's requirements.


The Harrier is one of the truly unique and most widely known of military aircraft.

Maypole have machined Harrier parts for over 11 years.

These include CNC turned, CNC milled, turned, milled and assembled components, including all treatments, as per the customer's requirements.


An example of a Aerospace customer is Dowty Props where we supplied Rotor Blades parts:

Adaptors, Balance Weights, Counter Weights, Lock Pins, Covers.

Aerospace Military


The Nimrod is the only jet powered long range maritime patrol aircraft in military service.

It carries out 3 main roles; anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface unit warfare and search and rescue.

Maypole have manufactured machined parts, including treatments for this aircraft over the past 3 years.


Produced to meet a joint Anglo-French requirement in 1965 for a dual-role advanced/operational trainer and tactical support aircraft, the Jaguar has been transformed into a potent fighter-bomber.

Maypole have manufactured machined parts, with treatments for this aircraft for the past 8 years.


Conceived as a Military Transport the Hercules has served with an enormous array of Air Forces world-wide, from the United States, the RAF and even small air forces, including Japan.

The Hercules is also familiar as carrier bringing aid to disaster spots, both those caused by nature and by man.

Maypole has provided machining parts, including all treatments for the propellers on this well known aircraft.

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