Engineered Products

Precision Engineered And CNC Milled Products

Maypole's engineered product list stretches over 40 years to hundreds of different parts, including:

Bushes, Bearings, Brackets, Pins, Housings, Rods, Valves, Valve Bodies, Bolts, Cylinders, Eye Ends, Shafts, Levers, Gland Nuts, Pulley Boxes.

We produce from mostly Bar stock supplied from Customer approved suppliers. Materials range from various Stainless Steels to Aluminium & Ally Bronzes.

Producing finished machine parts from Castings & Forgings is also a regular function.

To maintain the quality of our precision engineered products we ensure that all bought out engineering materials are:

- Inspected on receipt

- Certification cross checked

- Issued an identification No 'MPP No' which is retained throughout process for traceability

Maypole retain all records & traceability back to Mill.

As a company we aim to supply a finished, high quality part to all our customers. To this end we sub contract out the treatments i.e. various platings & paint operations, again only Customer approved suppliers are used.

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