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Our aerospace, defence industry and precision machined components and assemblies experience

Maypole Precision Products have over 30 years experience in the exacting areas of aerospace and the defence industry and are one of the UK's leading manufacturers of precision machined components and assemblies. Our customers continue to use us due to our excellent quality, expertise, flexibility and adaptability to manufacture components from start to finish, including all treatments and finished assembly of machined components.

We realise that providing our customer with a complete product from drawing to completion, i.e. a tested and assembled component, is essential in providing a competitive, customer focused service. We are prepared to supply forgings from our own tooling purchased by Maypole to produce components such as the Bogie for the Airbus A330/340 main undercarriage, these are planes used by Virgin, British Airways, Cathay Pacific and had never been produced from forgings before. Maypole also machine parts in kits for customers from drawings, with exact specifications.

Maypole employ a highly experienced Non Destructive Testing Inspector, who is tested and re-certified each year and holds all major approvals. Through this in-house facility we can carry out dye penetrant, flaw detection, acid etching and inspection of chrome plated parts. This expert service of course saves time and money for our valued customers.

All products are tested, treated and tested again. We have an in-house facility for Dye Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection. This helps us achieve a customer component approval rate of 99.9995%, which is quite unique for a company of this size and shows the commitment and dedication of the workforce.

Our Services

Aerospace components

Aerospace component Dye Penertrant Testing Inspection
Aerospace component Magnetic Particle Testing Inspection
Aerospace component Acid Etch Testing Inspection
Aerospace component Assemblies
Aerospace component Inspection

Sub Contract Component Machining

CNC Milling
CNC Turning
CNC Thread Milling
CNC 4th Axis Machining
CNC Live Tooling
Surface Grinding
Cylindrical Grinding
Pressure Testing
Mechanical Testing
Freeze Fitting

Controlled Assembly

Controlled Assembly

Maypole Precision Engineers have a controlled assembly area.

Used for Assembly of Bushes, Lee Plugs, Thread inserts, and Staking operations, to exacting customer Specifications.

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